Teri Hallock


Mission Statement – A safe place to share our struggles, hurts and hopes, finding God’s healing in every season.

Get Real is a faith-based recovery group. We use the NIV Recovery Devotional Bible to find Biblical ways to heal and progress through our struggles and hurts. There are sharing guidelines read before the group begins to individually share. Sharing is not required. At times, I have learned from just listening. I am not a counselor but have worked through a life filled with struggles and hurts and continue to find hope through my Savior Jesus and desire to share how he has healed me and will continue for the rest of my life. The Lord desires for us to walk with a likeminded community in trusting God to be with us in all situations.

Bethany Morgan


If you need freedom from addiction or any other life controlling issues, it starts now!! Join my class! You are not alone!

Our goal is that participants experience true freedom, through true authentic Christ-centered, Pear support, guidance from the scriptures, and transparent fellowship, bringing restoration to those who are struggling personally with addiction, Co-Dependency due to the addiction of a loved one, or any other life-controlling issues.

Abbie Ramey


Good Grief is a support group/ class that centers around healing and processing the stages of grief. Let’s heal together as we tackle grief healing from a different perspective. Grief is not limited to the effects of losing someone through death, but we all at times struggle to deal with different brokenness in our lives. This is a safe place to process that grief, gain support and encouragement and learn much needed coping skills.


Teresa Miracle


“What’s on the menu?”

We are so glad you asked! Friendly smiles, lots of learning, and tasting some amazing food.

Learn to create amazing tasting meals using simple cooking techniques, learn how to budget for meals, and how to use items you already have in your pantry or food basket to cook meals you and your family will love.

Fredna Lawson

Baking / Cake Decorating

Learn the basics of creating delicious, sugary confections everyone will love.

This class teaches skills such as, making from scratch recipes, recognizing and understanding basic baking and decorating tools and how they are used, and beginner to intermediate fondant and icing techniques.  

You will be surprised what you can create with the right skills!  One of the best parts getting to have a taste! 

Martha Pendley

Arts and Crafts

over fundamental drawing, painting, clay sculpting techniques, and various creative crafts. Students explore media like watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, chalk, colored pencils, pen and ink, clay, and collages through age-appropriate projects 2.

In crafts classes, students gain an appreciation for craft objects and learn the skill and craftsmanship required to produce various crafts. Instructional methods include lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, critiques, independent work, hands-on activities, and journal writing.


Participants will learn gardening basics, will participate in hands on activities in our onsite raised garden beds, and will learn to plant, maintain, grow, and harvest fruits and vegetables from garden to table.

  • Basic gardening concepts
  • Plant propagation techniques: Seed Starting, Divisions, & Cuttings
  • Garden planning & maintenance.
  • Plant harvesting & storage.
  • Suggested herbs for the home garden.
Tabitha McMillian


Candy making 101 is a candy making class that highlights a holiday or special event each month. Participants will learn life skills such as a ready and following a recipe, using fractions and basic math skills. They will learn basic techniques for creating homemade treats at a reasonable cost for friends and family, as well as learning basic hospitality skills for entertaining guests. 

Sheri Chastian

Knitting / Looming Class

 This class is for women to gather around and learn how to use their hands and their creative minds.

This class assist women in building skills and self-confidence, feeling they can create anything, when they set their mind to it. It this class participants will learn how to make hats/toboggans, scarves, and will be teaching how to make leg warmers for the winter. We also make other craft items not necessarily pertaining to knitting.

In this class we will also be working on plastic canvas projects well.

Candy Alexander

Sewing by Request

Women can ask for a one-on-one class at any time. This often is because they want help either making or repairing something specific. We then find a mutually available time slot to meet in the sewing room. The women are also free to request a specific project for the Advanced Sewing class.


Sewing 101

This class teaches the correct way to use a sewing machine. It also teaches how to do basic clothing repairs (fixing a torn seam, putting in a hem, and replacing buttons). The intent is for the women to be able to repair their clothing so it lasts longer, and their funds can be spent on other things.

The class is taught with donated fabric. There is a check list of steps to be completed in class, which the participant keeps as proof of new skills. The “graduate” of this class receives a stocked sewing kit so they can do some of this work at home. Their names are then posted, making them eligible to come use our sewing machines whenever the sewing room is open.

Advanced Sewing

This class teaches more advanced skills like gathering, putting in a zipper, etc. This is done by completing a simple project (kitchen towels, cosmetic bags, heating pads, potholders, and bowl cozies to name a few), which the participant keeps. This class is taught using donated or inexpensive materials. Many times, the ladies have come back to make more of these items to sell or to give as gifts. This gives the women a sense of accomplishment in addition to the usefulness of the made item.  Women who return to do more projects can earn a sewing machine to take home. We do this to encourage the ladies to become more self-sufficient. The donated machines are from a stock of machines that have been donated to us.

Make It/Take It

This class offers craft lessons and sewing projects that use inexpensive or free materials that can be finished within 2 hours. It adds to skill sets, fosters a sense of accomplishment, builds a feeling of community among the participants, and gives them something of their own making to take home. We have done a variety of projects such as tie dye shirts, collaged flower vases, decorated holiday gift bags, and beaded key rings.

Kathy Gilbert

Survival Skills for Everyday LIFE

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.  This concept is also termed as psychosocial competency. The subject varies greatly depending on social norms and community expectations but skills that function for well-being and aid individuals to develop into active and productive members of their communities are considered as life skills.

Participants in this class will learn various life skills, handy life hacks and tips for everyday living all while having lots of fun!

Lessons will cover a variety of subjects such as personal development, better ways to manage your money, CPR training and more!

Kathy is an RN with many years of experience in the health field. 


Active Parenting 

In need of an instructor at this time


Instructor Gail Newton

Transforming Lives Bible Study Tuesday @ 10am

The purpose of this study is to spread the word of God and to encourage a personal and spiritual relationship with God. Through this Bible study participants will learn integral Biblical principles that make the word come alive. help to promote growth, and spur a deeper relationship with Christ, teaching us how to walk God and ultimately prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Instructor Kim Scalf


Wednesday morning Bible Study is a small group opportunity for women of all ages, backgrounds, and spiritual development. The group is facilitated by the leader, but we study together with the goal of deepening our understanding of the word of God. We cover various books of the Bible with a slow approach, reading line by line, verse upon verse exploring and discovering it says, what it means, and why it matters. The goal of our study is always to point members to the gospel, God’s is to always point members to the Gospel, God’s plan to restore humanity to himself through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also designed to help members realize that God’s word is applicable and relevant to our daily lives and able to bring transformation to hearts, minds, attitudes and behaviors.

Instructors Kayla Dean and Tabitha McMillian


“I teach this Bible Study because I wanted to grow in my faith and to help others do the same.” 

Are you looking to grow in your faith? 

The Walk with God Bible Study discuss the scriptures line by line, their meaning, and how these scriptures apply to us in today’s World. As we learn insights from God’s word, we share examples from our own lives and how to apply scripture to our daily walk with God and builds fellowship among believers. 

Skills: Memorize Scripture, reading, and Bible journaling techniques

The Chosen

A journey to “see” the Bible.

Join me as we discover and see the Bible through the eyes of the 1st century disciples and Jesus.

In each meeting we will see the Bible come to live by watching an episode of the popular “The Chosen”. See and experience the Bible with me like never before!

Hope to see you here!


Friday Fill Up Chapel Services are held weekly in the Oasis, Ladley House Chapel. Services include various inspirational speakers, worship and music, occasional baptism and communion services and fellowship for all women. Chapel services provide a safe, caring, and encouraging environment where volunteers, staff, and members come to worship together.

Children's Programs Director: Tabitha McMillian

VBS is held at Oasis during major KCS breaks. VBS is a weeklong event for a few hours each day, to connect kids with Christ, teaching Bible truths while fostering lessons like, getting along with others, teamwork, reading and problem-solving skills, all while having lots of fun!!


Have you heard about our PHILIPPIANS 4:19 PERKS PROGRAM?

The Philippians’ 4:19 program allows women to earn points by attending programs and classes. They redeem the points for brand new household items. This program helps our members to supplement their income.


Bible study/ Bible related program at Oasis ………………………….500

Cooking/ cake decorating ………………………………400



Learn another Language…….4000

Healthy Eating / Exercise / General health/ join a gym….600

Recovery Group…………………500

Support Groups (such as grief etc.) ……..500

Complete a 7-day detox…….500

Complete 28-day rehab program….1500

Complete a certification……………….1000

Collage and Carrier fairs or recruitment events…….500

Sewing, knitting, and general arts and crafts….400

Attend church and bring us a bulletin…….500

Enroll in college courses……800

Enroll in adult education classes ……….800

Earn a high school diploma………5,000

Earn a degree / graduate 2-year program ………….10,000

Earn a degree /graduate 4-year program …………. 20,000

Make the Dean’s list or be inducted into an honors society…………5,000

Complete a job program………800

Turn in 3 applications and /or attend three interviews…………100 per application.

Start a new job …….1,000 (must submit a copy of your first pay stub)

Volunteer at another charity …………100 pts per hour of service

Complete a Bible study program and earn a certificate …………800

Perfect attendance in selected classes…….500   (Instructor responsibility)

Signing up early for classes………….100 (Must sign up early / no later than one to two days prior)

Earn a ministry degree…………………………10,000 (must be within the last year)

General Classes…………………………………….300


Woman’s Advocacy Programs


Case Managment Policy 

The Oasis of Kingsport will provide general case management services to members / clients meeting specific socio-economic and situational criteria. Oasis general case management follows the Client Activation, Empowerment & Engagement model, encouraging action and self-advocacy, making the member / client active in their own care.

The general case management process includes Intake, needs assessment, resource counseling, referrals, goal setting, homework, follow-up, and documentation.

Case management member / Client Criteria:

Women must meet the following criteria to receive case management services:

  • Must be a member / client of the Oasis of Kingsport and be entered into our data program.
  • Must be homeless, on the verge of a homeless situation, or fleeing an abusive or volatile situation.

The Oasis has many contacts and recourses all over the Tri-Cities that enable us to connect women with needed recourses, advice, and support. We are part of a network of churches, organizations, and individuals that have so graciously connected with us, allowing us to serve “ALL WOMEN” on a greater level. 

The Oasis distributes customized help lists for it’s programs this allows us to better serve women based on their individual situation. Our hope is to continue to connect and grow so that we can better serve women and our community as a whole.