Oasis of Kingsport is a 501c3 Non -Profit Organization


Day Center provides a calming and protected atmosphere.

• Shower facility – Toiletries provided.
    Bras, underwear, and socks as needed.
• Laundry – Detergents provided.
• Library
• Open Chapel

• Bible Study
• Sewing
• Knitting Gardening

• Cake Decorating
• Crafts
• Parenting
• (Seasonal classes)

Supportive Services
• Case Management
• Referrals
• Mentoring
• Bus ticket distribution

Support Groups
• Recovery
• Parenting
• Victim Support

Ministry Services
• Faith Based Counseling services.
    by a licensed minister / chaplain
• Worship Services / preaching
• Baptism
• Baby Dedication
• Foot Washing
• Communion
• Prayer
• Group prayer / prayer requests

• Phil 4:19 PERKS Program
• Isaiah 58 Program for the indigent and homeless which includes case management and referral of services.
• Elisha’s Vessels for the homed which includes homeless prevention, and referral services.
• Home set-up for new residence – includes a onetime donation of goods and home items for those in the program.
• Emergency food kit distribution
• Kids Programs (seasonal)

Community Outreach
• Director speaking itinerary.
• Networking and relationships with other ministries and agencies.
• Involvement in Homeless Coalition and Women’s Advocacy Council of the Tri-Cities.
• Involvement in the HC Direct Care Team
• Support of other agencies through helps, promotions, and various        involvement.

Community Events
• Fall Event
• Back to School Event

• Resurrection Easter Event
• Breast Cancer Awareness
• Mother’s Day
• Thanksgiving Blessings Luncheon
• Christmas at Oasis Luncheon


The Oasis was founded in June of 2014 by Kermit Addington with the help of partnering churches and business in the Kingsport area. John and Pam Robinson, owners of the Appalachian Iron Works, provided an additional building on their property which was used as the very first site for Oasis. This building on Sullivan Street was Oasis’ home for almost seven years. Kermit Addington had a heart for the low-income population as well as a passion for his local community. He originally founded the Oasis around the laundry and shower concepts feeling that women would find a common ground and foster community through their gathering for laundry and conversation. Today the Oasis has evolved with a myriad of different programs and services for “ALL WOMEN”

Kermit's Story


“The mission of the Oasis of Kingsport is to encourage and equip women of all ages and demographics through faith-centered support, education, and fellowship; setting an atmosphere for encouragement, growth, and overall transformation.”


“Our vision is to be a support and light to the women our community and surrounding regions through various types of ministries, such as educational classes and programs, Christian counseling and referrals, mentorship, support groups, Christian fellowship, online ministry through various social media and internet outlets, as well as community outreach and ministry to local churches and women’s groups, as we endeavor to spread the gospel, encouragement, and unity to “All Women”.


The first part of the Great Commission from Matthew 28:19 reads, “Go Ye Therefore and Teach All Nations…”. We are equipped with the Love of Christ and the Word of God to share with the Ladies at Oasis what Jesus Christ has accomplished for all of us. With this in mind, we encourage and serve each lady as we engage in their lives.  We at Oasis believe that everyone is Called and Gifted by God to Serve One Another.  “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…,” therefore, we as volunteers are called to Serve.

What We Believe

  • The Bible is the true, inspired word of God.
  • Jesus is the central figure of the Christian faith and is the Son of God.
  • Jesus being fully deity, also became fully man, and suffered all things as a human like us.
  • Jesus, the Son of God, became the ultimate sacrifice, willingly laying down his life on the cross for our sin.
  • Jesus was laid in a tomb for three days and while in the grip of death, visited Hell, taking the keys of Death, Hell, and the Grave, securing eternity for all who will receive him.
  • Jesus rose on the third day, walked among men, showed himself alive to his disciples, and ascended to his father in heaven with the promise of his return.
  • Jesus is coming back again for all those who receive him as their personal savior, and he lives forever more!!
  • We believe that in JESUS there is restoration, healing, and deliverance here on Earth and because he lives our home is secure in Heaven when we recieve him.

What We Are Not

• We are not a homeless ministry (We are a women’s ministry. We have a program specific to ministering to our homeless population and working with our Kingsport Homeless Coalition to facilitate cohesive care. We minister women of all socioeconomic and social means.

• We are not a laundry mat, nor do we provide a paid laundry service, however we do have a laundry facility that ministers to the needs of women who do not have a washer and dryer in their home and / or access to funds for paying to launder clothing at a paid facility. (We ask for a $0.25 cent donation to wash and dry a load of laundry)

• We are not a food pantry, soup kitchen, or clothing closet. We keep some clothing on hand to meet small scale needs.

• We are not a childcare service.

• We do not provide cash, pay utilities, or provide transportation. We refer to other agencies that provide means for these needs when available.

Where We Are Located

location: 1102 Mill Street, Kingsport 

The Oasis is located right off Gibson Mill Rd where the Kingsport Mill used to be located. Going toward the highway on Gibson Mill you will turn left onto Gibson Street, or Mill Pond Street, which are adjacent to Mill St and our location. If turn in from 11w beside SUBWAY then your turn on Gibson Street, or Mill Pond will be on your right. The Oasis is located on 6acres of beautiful, lush green grass with a fence surrounding its upper property space.