Be Still 

In Luke 10 Jesus and the disciples are at the home of Martha and Marry, the sisters of his very close friend Lazarus. As the story unfolds Martha finds herself beyond frustrated with Mary. 

While she, herself, has been making all the preparations and working so hard to make things perfect, Mary has been sitting, …..yes, sitting at the feet of Jesus. Can you believe it? She was leaving everything up to Martha.  As she slaved away in a hot kitchen, sat the table, and made all the rest of the preparations, It would seem that Mary just ignored her duties, forgot all about Martha, or just didn’t care about leaving Martha to do everything. 

The truth is that Mary was just so in awe of our savior that she couldn’t help herself but to be at his feet. The Bible said that she was there listening to what he said. Martha with distress in her voice talks t Jesus about it…. ,Not that one woman would ever throw another under the bus or anything, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself?  Tell her to help me!”

Jesus simply answered her “Martha, Martha’, the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.’”  Luke 10:38-42 (NIV)

As women the World around us seems to demand so much. We find ourselves so busy with life that we forget to sit at his feet. I know many times in my own life I get myself into the state of “busy” not just busy, as in my body is moving and I am doing all sorts of activity etc., but “Busy” as in my mind is busy, my heart is busy…, my whole being has refocused itself on the cares and the doing of life. It is in these times that I find myself the most frustrated, and worn. I am busy doing a lot of good but I have forgotten to sit at the saviors feet. I have forgotten to listen for his voice. I have forgotten that everything else can wait. Then, is when I must still away, set aside the business of my life, put away my phone, set aside my work, and just be with the one to whom rest and refreshing flows. Why is this so hard for us, as women? Many of us have a tendency to take on so much at the expense of ourselves. We must learn the art of just “being still” God help us to yearn to set at your feel and understand that everything else pairs in comparison to the time we have with you. 

Shantell Bogle 


The reassembled women is the one who submits the pieces of her shattered existence to be remade, molded, formed, and re-shaped into a vessel for a higher purpose.

-Shantell Bogle 



Sometimes I find myself falling back into the old habit of comparison. Comparing myself to other women I admire, body types I’d rather have, lives that seem much easier than mine. I am always the hardest on myself, most of the time. Some days / seasons are worse than others. I size myself up before I ever size any other women up around me. As I talk to other women in ministry this seems to be moments of weakness we all go through. Every message around us seems to tell us that we are, well, quiet simply, “not enough”. The temptation to compare ourselves to the World’s perception of sexy, smart, successful, beautiful is so much less than the standard that God has set for us, and yet we seem, at times, to labor to not to feed that monster. I find myself trying to compete with women on social and mass media. These images are set before my husbands eyes daily so I find myself fighting the feeling of not being enough. The feeling of never being able to live up to the images other women see as “ok” to post of themselves on social media. In the past I fell into a trap trying to live up to all that, to the point of looking for attention from men. It gave me a high to see how much attention I could get, how many looks, how many comments,  and attention I could receive. That was a trap that soon made me a woman I didn’t recognize, doing things I said I would never do. Lascivious, unfaithful, and ugly on the inside but looking good on the outside. To be honest if I were to have all that attention again it could never compare to being in right standing with JESUS and finding my ultimate worth in him. All the attention in the World could never compare to being his. The World says “you need to be sexy” Jesus says “you are loved as you are. You were fearfully and wonderfully made and my grace is sufficient for you.” I recently gained weight that I the year before had lost. It has really weighed down my self-asteem and 

.willingness to minister more in public and on camera. I have found myself hiding more the last few months. With all the stress that comes along with ministry, the hustle and bustle of life, health issues, etc. I found myself stress eating more and more. I can see how the enemy has used this to really dim my light and my willingness to be in public. For the last few weeks it has really “ate” at me and caused me to suffer from more stress and depression. I feel the need to be transparent about all these things because that is part of women’s ministry. To tell the truth. I struggle too. I am human too. I feel the best ministry I have is to be transparent and let you know it’s ok to struggle too but you are not alone in this struggle. Neither am I. The enemies weapons are the ones that are sent to make you feel less than, beneath, inadequate. Because he knows who you really are and what you are really capable of. If he can distract you from that he can keep you from becoming all that God has for you to be…with something as small as the fight for the worth you already have. The fight to be the enough that you already are. The Worlds idea you is not match for the God to be revealed in you. Greater is he that is in us that he that is in the World. 

Shantell Bogle